Computer Science

Language: C#
Engine: Unity
IDE: Visual Studio 2013
Development Time: 3 months
Network Protocol: UDP via Photon Unity Networking
Game Documentation: Endless

Game Design

High Concept: Players are pitted against each other in action packed space combat built around each players ability to pilot. Players choose from a selection of unique ships and battle to be the best.
Genre: Action Arcade Shooter
Objectives: Players duke it out in all out space combat in either team deathmatch or free for all game modes. Each player gets to choose from multiple ship styles. Each Individual ship has different strengths and weaknesses.
Setting Solar Flare and Asteroid Field in year 3001
Game Modes: Free for All, Team Deathmatch


x86 Architecture Build:  

x86_64 Architecture Build:

User Interface Tour

Using the Xbox One controller to traverse through the menu's.
Then I switch it up to the keyboard and mouse.
The user can customize the active controller/keyboard buttons at any time.

  • Xbox One Controller Ready
  • PS4 Controller Ready
  • PS3 Controller Ready
  • Xbox 360 Controller Ready
  • Keyboard Ready
  • Mouse Ready

Engineering Breakdown

Links to the code in the form of C# scripts are available below each video description.

Controller Handler

A C# script that is attached to an empty game object. That empty game object with script attached manages all the buttons on all menus, allowing the traversal of those buttons to be accessed by the active controller and keyboard simultaneously.

Controller Mapping

A C# script that maps all key codes into a dynamic list and allows the player to customize their buttons presses whenever they want. Finds the active controller keycodes and allows for customization for that specific controller. Error checking is present by not allowing the user bind two buttons to one action.

Resolution Scalability

Resolution at all aspect ratio's
This video demonstrates the scalability of resolutions within the game. Using Horizontal layout groups, Anchors and Pivots, Layout Elements, Vertical layout groups, Canvas Scaler which controls all panels resolution.

(Uses the power of Unity + intelligent design)


Welcome to the Hangar. This portion will display each ship and its unique abilites it possesses in battle. The artist for this game is @AmandaSaenz.

Lock On

Special: Patience is a Virtue

Primary Weapon: Shotgun Blast

Secondary Weapon: Laser Spike

Every seven seconds, Lock On will fire a double shot with the next weapon fired, dealing double damage.


Special: Weapon Perfectionist

Primary Weapon: Quad Laser Cannons

Secondary Weapon: Photon Torpedoes

Jupiter's special is derived from the commanders unique ability to fire both weapons simultaneously.

Clank R7

Special: Look Behind You

Primary Weapon: Spread Shot

Secondary Weapon: Duo Double Missiles

Clank's ability to fly at lightning fast pace and still be able to fire behind the ship to any trailing enemy makes this unique space ship very dangerous in every fight.


Special: Thruster Boost

Primary Weapon: Machine Gun

Secondary Weapon: Twin Laser Burst

The Mecha’s thruster strength is increased proportionally to the amount of damage taken on the hull. For every 1% of damage on the Mecha’s hull, the Mecha receives a 1% increase to the Thruster subsystem.


Special: Over Sheild

Primary Weapon: Bullet CF

Secondary Weapon: Plasma Pulse

Arbiter receives additional maximum shield strength based on how much hull damage he has taken. 1% of hull damage is a 1% bonus maximum shield.


Special: Medically Engineered

Primary Weapon: Plasma Wave

Secondary Weapon: Homing Rockets

SoulEaters shield will begin regenerating sooner and will regenerate faster than other ships.