Until the End

Computer Science

Language: Java
Engine: MyJavaEngine
IDE: Netbeans & Eclipse
Development Time: 3 Months
Network Protocol: UDP via Sockets

Game Design

High Concept: A long haired space bounty hunter takes on an adventure of revenge against a corrupted space fleet.
Genre: Casual Revenge
Visual Style: 2 dimensional top down space ship shooter
Synopsis: 20 Years before the present time Vicious and Sonya worked for this mysterious technology company developing next generation weapons. The two developed the most innovating weapons at the time until they had a falling out. One believed in creating weapons to protect people, the other believed creating weapons for destruction. The two seperated ways, Sonya left to become a bounty hunter while Vicious continued developing weapons and succeeded in creating the most destructive weapon called project bluestreak. The two meet up on the Data Belt and chaos begins.
Setting: Set in space in the year of 2091. The battle commences between the planets Saturn and Jupiter known as the Data Belt. The Data Belt is the area where the majority of data is transferred between everyone in the galaxy.
Game play: The game play centers on the space ship the Swordfish, piloted by Sonya Pierce. The ship is controlled through keyboard commands.
Innovations: The collision detections are done by grabbing the rectangular image pixels of each object. Well, as we know, not all space ships are rectangular, nor are they the same. Therefore, the collision detections will not be precise due to the fact that the sprite image does not take up the whole pixel height and width. The rectangular dimensions are then altered within each class to try and grab the exact dimension of that sprite image. This then reflects to more precise collision detection within the space environment.

Game Tour

A play through of the game in the Single Player campaign. You play as Sonya Pierce, a space bounty hunter out for revenge. (i was inspired by the last episode of Cowboy Bebop)

Engineering Breakdown

Links to the code are available below each video description.


Welcome to the Game Gallery. This portion will display the art of the game.

Concept Art

Sonya Pierce concept art drawn by @AmandaSaenz


Gif of the opening scene with snow