Vanguard Horizon

Computer Science

Language: C#, HMTL5, CSS, JavaScript
Engine: No engine. A web application
IDE: Visual Studio 2013
Development Time: 1 month
Database: SQL Express

Game Design

High Concept: Players can create a character from various worlds and background to do battle in turn based battle.
Genre: Dungeons and Dragons
Objectives: Build the stats of your character and do battle to gain experience.
Setting Middle Ages
Game Modes: PVE & PVP

Game Tour

This is a guide through the game web application. The user's character information is saved into the database and retrieved when needed. Players can battle each other or the A.I.

Engineering Scripts

I will upload an engineering breakdown video when I move back home.


Welcome to the Game Gallery. This portion will display the art of the game.

Login Screen

Blurred Witcher 3 Screen Shot to mimic a tavern scene

Battle Screen

Battle screen with a fluid layout for CSS


Navigating through the web application GIF