Confederate Marine Corps Powered Combat Suit - 808 Variant[Project Winter]
Development Time: 45 Days
IDE: Flash Builder
Framework: Starling
Sound Effect Credits: Soundbox Andrew Shcherbak Sergey Eybog Blue Corporation
Music Credits: SlipKnot - Duality , Marilyn Manson - Resident Evil Main Title Theme (SX Long)
Inspired By: DOOM UI, COD:Infinite Warfare UI, Starcraft 2, Heart of the Swarm
Tutorials/Sources: Lynda via LinkedIn
Art Assets created by: @amandasaenz[amanda saenz] & I
Art Assets created in: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
Overall Goal: Implement a detailed User Interface with actionscript 3
Description: The implementation follows a marine from starcraft II. Since Starcraft II is a RTS and not a FPS I will implement my own way or how I have imagined a CMC Marine suit. I want to implement a Ammunition, Suit, and Weapon management nodes. I would also like to implement sound effects and a mission briefing system.

Engineering Overview of Implementation:
Rendered to the GPU and Optimized
Implements textures via a texture atlas
Photoshop / Illustrator Art Asset Creation
Actionscript 3 Interface and Class Programming
Vector 3D programming
Linear Algebra (rotation and matrix multiplication)
Animations via (Tweens, Movieclips, & Advanced Spline 2D/3D animations)
Recursive Tweens
Object Oriented Programming
Heavily event driven
Rendered to the GPU with textures
Uses Vectors and Arrays for object Containers

UI Tour

Video Demo of the Interface

This interface is all built from scratch. No help from any engine just the Starling framework. ;)

CMC 808 Variant Suit Breakdown

This section will describe the unique attributes of the suit UI I have created. The suit builds upon the CMC-400 Powered Combat Suit worn by Raynor during Starcraft II.

Solar Shield Visor System

The solar shield is a carbon fiber casing to block the harmful sun rays from penetrating the eyes of the marine. The Cell HUD acts as a sheild when the suit is full shielded. The integrity is dropped when the solar panel visors and un-equipped.

Ammunition Management Node

This node allows the soldier to equip specific ammo for the task at hand. A history, application type, damage, and range is provided for each type.

Winter Soldier Mode

This mode is the combat mode for the soldier. It is a prototype developed by the engineering team at Confederate Marine Corps. It is operated on the "winter" operating systems. It provides many buffs for a limited amount of time for the soldier.

Full Combat Integration

Winter mode fully online allows the marine to be equiped with a C-20A Gauss Rifle (with various ammunition). Stim pack and combat shield are readily availabe as well as diplaying the active ammo clip. 24 rounds is the max for any round selected. Cross hairs and rifle supports is also available.

Mission Briefing Node

This is the mission briefing node that the gamer sees before launching down onto planet Umoja.

Suit Overview

Suit Mode to display to the gamer what the suit actually looks like. This is a dragonbones animation provided by @dragonbones

Suit Animations

Animations via tweens, movieclips, and spines.

Ammunition Management Node

This is the animation in regards to ammunition management node.

Winter Mode / Combat Mode

Enabling the winter mode / combat mode.

Suit Mode

Taking a look at a complex dragonbones animation of the suit.