Full Stack Web App(React/Redux/Node/Express/Mongo)

Disclaimer: Uses Heroku's shared resources. Give it 30 seconds to wake up.

Soccer cleat/boot review single page application with responsive and cross browser support. User's can update, delete, edit, and create reviews for other user's to read. Authentication is handled with GoogleOAuth and Username/Password. Hosted by Heroku with shared resources so give it time to wake up :).
Frontend tech stack: React, Redux, Redux Form, Redux Thunk, Axios, Bootstrap, ReactDOM, React Router, React Cloudinary, React Sparklines.
Backend Tech Stack: MongoDB, NodeJS, Express, Multer, Cloudinary, BcryptJS, Concurrently, Nodemon, PassportJS, Stripe.
MiddleWare: Cookie-Session, BodyParser

Artist Portfolio

Frontend Wep App(React/Redux/Bootstrap/Sass)

Disclaimer: Uses Heroku's shared resources. Give it 30 seconds to wake up.

Frontend web application built with React, Redux, Bootstrap, and Sass. Heavy emphasis on styling, cross-browser compatibility, mixins, and responsiveness for desktop and mobile screen sizes.

Winter Soldier 808 Variant UI

Flash User Interface Engine (Actionscript 3 / Starling)

A first person user interface of a marine suit in Starcraft II, specifically a Confederate Marine Corps Powered Combat Suit. It demonstrates an ammunition and suit customization interface, and winter/combat/launch UI. Uses the starling framework which renders everything on the GPU. It is optimized via grabbing textures from one sprite sheet via a texture atlas. This UI is created programmatically with Object Oriented Programming and without using the timeline in Adobe Animate.

Game World UI

Qt 3D Computer Graphics UI (C++ / GLSL)

A 3D rendered scene with QT GUI to allow the client to control the lights in the scene. Scene uses OpenGL with VAO & VBO's to hold and control data on the GPU demonstrating intermediate shader algorithms. Custom shaders range from Shadow Mapping, Environment Mapping, Phong & Blinn Illumination, and Refraction and Reflection.


6 Player Online Multiplayer Game (C# via Unity)

Game is built with the Unity game engine. The UI is built in 3D and scales in all aspect ratio's (mobile - pc). It also is traversable with any controller, keyboard, and mouse simultaneously. The button mapping's can be changed either in the main menu or in game menu's. The game is networked with the Photon Unity Networking engine. There is stat tracking and minimap's available for in game menu's.

Anime.js + LESS

UI Web Application (Anime.js/LESS/CSS/HTML5)

Product Demo UI main page web application. Uses Anime.js(animation engine) for rich beautiful animations written in JavaScript. For styling options the application uses Less for variable colors and mixins. Built in Visual Studio.

Armor Index UI

UI Web Application (Vanilla JS/CSS3/HTML5)

A cross browser mobile/desktop/tablet responsive web application allowing user's to track Power Armor's/Stats from the Fallout game series. All logic is handled via Javascript client side scripting. CSS3 is used for animations and UI layouts over all devices. Built in Visual Studio.


2D Game Engine (C++)

Engine is built with the Qt framework and using OpenGL as the rendering API. Heavy emphasis on custom written math libraries with return value optimizations. Mathematic libraries dealing with matrix transformation(linear interpoleation, translation, etc.) and vector math. There is more focus on the math & physics involved in game development in this engine then the end product of the game. This project was developed using the test driven cycle using the Google Test API.

Until the End

2D Game Engine (Java)

This game was built in my own Java game engine. It was coded from scratch and includes 2D collision detection, Client/Server Architecture with UDP custom packet system. The game consists of a single player mode, and a online co-op battle. Objects of classes are managed in linked lists and the game consists of game states ranging from a Menu state all the way to a Multiplayer state.

Vanguard Horizon

Full Stack Web Application (C#/JavaScript/CSS via

This online web application allows a player to create their character and fight against AI or PVP. The application uses mySQL database. The database stores all the character information associated with the user name. A player can customize their character as they see fit. My tasks included the design implemenation with nested web forms, C# backend and front end programming, and some client side Javascript, HTML5, and CSS programming.

World of Warcraft UI Modifications

Minimize v.2 - Latest Version (Lua)

Game modifications using the World of Warcraft API with lua. An add on created for mouse heavy users to interfact the the UI's cluttered frame stack. It is also for young gamers very new the game as well.

Swordfish Space Systems UI

3D User Interface (C# via Unity)

A very fast prototype of an in game Titan UI built in Unity. Incorporates 3D objects with 3D/2D UI modules. The video screen is created by taking video footage of my openGL world Ozill and cutting the video in 4 sections and laying them on a 2D panel via Movieclip texture.